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Our Beautiful Palmetto Campus became a reality in 1995 when our beloved founders, Pastor Wendell And Ms. Nancy Wilson along with the favor of the board purchased this property. This 10-acer property provided the space to begin a long-time vision of having a large location for continued growth while providing housing for more men in a beautiful family environment. This would mean moving our original Bradenton campus that began in 1984 to palmetto, over a period of several years. Pastor Wendell started his vision by converting the existing 3 car garage on the property to a large chapel space for new residents to have a wonderful place to experience Jesus daily.


In 1998, we began the renovations to convert an additional garage building to residential housing to accommodate up to 15 residents. While this was just a small start to many changes that have taken place over the years, It allowed for the transition to begin, and we have now called this location home for over 28 years. This campus also became home to our International headquarters office space as well as the primary home for Pastor Wendell & Miss Nancy until they went to Heaven in 2016. Since then, with the help of our amazing Leadership and faithful partners we have moved our residents into the 5000 square ft home. This required lots of change over the years to make this home a wonderful place for men to find hope and healing and feel that love of a family environment that sets our mission apart from other rehabilitation centers.


This beautiful property provides lots of space for outside actives enjoyed by the men such as basketball, pickle-ball, swimming, running, gardening, and car repair/maintenance areas. It also provides quick access to other surrounding cites in manatee county, where we have been blessed to build amazing relationships with many long-time manatee county residents and to a host of amazing local Churches. Today, the support continues to grow! We are so thankful for all the amazing partnerships with our local communities and Leaders that help us continue the mission of saving our sons. The local hometown feel of this area truly shines by the generous support of local business owners and residents. We are truly blessed to have this beautiful campus that now can house up to 18 residents and six on campus staff members. Our Team works hard with the help of our residents to keep this property maintained and beautiful for all to enjoy. More importantly the love of the Lord is felt daily by all who live here or come to visit. If you have never been to our campus where this mission began, we encourage you to reach out to our team to take a tour.


Our property has potential additional for continued growth. Some of the future dreams include adding a building for transitional housing space for men as they graduate the 24-month program and move into staff training or other vocational programs. In addition, hopes to build larger headquarters office and meeting spaces.


The Palmetto property became the main campus that helped us create a model to build from to launch other locations that we enjoy today and future locations that will open in the days and years to come.


Our Palmetto Leadership

With the support of Our President & CEO Kimberly Wilson-Dodson, and our executive staff, Loving Hands Graduate Keith Stolte serves as our Palmetto Campus Program Director. Keith Stolte entered Loving Hands in 2015 after living a life of crime for over 20 years. Having grown up in bars from his early teens he began getting arrested by age 19. Having tried traditional rehabilitation and halfway houses, he finally surrendered his life to Jesus and by the power of God is free. Through the Loving Hands program, Keith fell in love with Jesus and the Word of God. He has now dedicated his life to helping men be set free from addiction by the power of God’s Word and discipleship. Keith continues to pursue further education while serving as the Program Director for the Palmetto Campus. Keith & his beautiful wife, Dayse just welcomed their first baby girl, Jasmine. Praise The Lord!

Keith says “God miraculously set me free and changed my life for His glory! I’m thankful the Lord chose me and appointed me here at Loving Hands to see lives changed!” 

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Palmetto Campus Photos

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