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We are so excited to share an exciting update! We have expanded our Mission to "Save Our Sons", to the beautiful State of Georgia.

 Look what the Lord has done!!

We have purchased a beautiful new Campus Property in Reidsville, Georgia. This location is about 28 minutes from our office in Metter Georgia. The property is situated on 8.6 acres, with a 4 bedroom 3 bath block home. This location will house up to 14 residents and 3 staff members. We have many wonderful plans for additional buildings and recreational areas for this beautiful property as God provides.

This expansion has been a slow building plan for many years, and it is starting to truly take form. Our Georgia team is working hard making many renovations and preparing this new residence for the men to come. Please be praying for provisions, strength and God to continue to use us to share his Love in action to help continue to transform the lives of the broken.  


With the support of Our President & CEO Kimberly Wilson-Dodson, and our executive staff, Loving Hands Graduate Ron Erie has stepped into lead the Dade City Campus as Program Director. Ron came to Loving Hands in 2018, broken and desperate for change. Ron truly surrendered his life to Christ and graduated from the program in 2020. His passion for Christ and people has been so evident that he was promoted to Resident Director of the Dade City Campus in January 2022. God didn't stop there! As of January 2023, God has blessed Ron to be the Program Director of the Dade City Campus! This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ lived out in a broken man's life that gives up and gives in entirely to Jesus. The best is yet to come! Ron's life verse is John 1:12 Please continue to pray for Ron as He moves into this important new role of Leadership. We know Ron has the skills and heart to lead with excellence. 


Our Dade City Leadership

Dade City Campus Photos

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