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We are so excited to share an exciting update! We have expanded our Mission to "Save Our Sons", to the beautiful State of Georgia.

 Look what the Lord has done!!

We have purchased a beautiful new Campus Property in Reidsville, Georgia. This location is about 28 minutes from our office in Metter Georgia. The property is situated on 8.6 acres, with a 4 bedroom 3 bath block home. This location will house up to 14 residents and 3 staff members. We have many wonderful plans for additional buildings and recreational areas for this beautiful property as God provides.

This expansion has been a slow building plan for many years, and it is starting to truly take form. Our Georgia team is working hard making many renovations and preparing this new residence for the men to come. Please be praying for provisions, strength and God to continue to use us to share his Love in action to help continue to transform the lives of the broken.  


Our Georgia Leadership

With the support of Our President & CEO Kimberly Wilson-Dodson, our one and only Joseph VanBlarcom will be leading the Georgia Campus as the Program Director of LHM Georgia. Joe also serves as our Administrator and legal counsel for Loving Hands. With and abundance of knowledge, experience both in career and hands on as a graduate of LHM, we know Joe is the right man for this massive roll. 

Meet Joseph VanBlarcom - 

Joseph VanBlarcom arrived at Loving Hands in 1987 lost and abandoned. Wendell and Nancy Wilson became his "spiritual" parents taking him into their home as their son. After, his Loving Hands graduation, he served in various staff positions including Resident Director, Program Director, and Assistant Executive Director. In 1996, he helped start the Teen Challenge center in Jacksonville, Florida, which at the time was a ministry institute for staff and leadership development. In 1999, he began a career in Law Enforcement, rising to the rank of Lieutenant, serving as a division Commander. He is admitted to the Florida Bar and has practiced in multiple civil and criminal areas. Joseph serves on our Board of Directors for over twenty years. God led him to return to Loving Hands in September 2016 where he now serves as General Counsel and Administrative Director. He is currently ordained with the National Association of Christian Ministers. He and his beautiful wife Pamela VanBlarcom have three adult children and two grandchildren. Joseph is leading the effort to take Loving Hands to Georgia where the legacy of Saving Our Sons can be extended.


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Making this House a Home!


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