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My name is Yonathan Sanchez, i was born in Guatemala and was raised in Bradenton FL, since the age of seven. Growing up, I went through a few accidents, but one that changed my life forever. In one particular accident, the doctors diagnosed me with several symptoms, such as having epilepsy , and being paralyzed for the rest of my life. By the grace of God I walked again and grew up like an ordinary kid. At the age of fifteen, I started drinking, partying, and just following the path of a generational curse of alcoholism that was deeply rooted in my family. After that I went on to using strong drugs. Little did I know that the God who saved me had never left me nor forsake me. I came to Loving Hands on August 24,2021 and every since I've been here God has restored my relationship with my family, he is working on my immigration status, and I have been baptized in the manatee river.

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