Growing up family life was good but the evil of the world was very real to me. I cant remember ever thinking of God or how I even cam even came to be. Never knew that I was created for purpose and my Creator loved me. Drugs and addiction really took over my life and hopelessness combined with worthlessness was normal to me. When you truly believe the lie that you are nothing and not worth it I began to be content with death. Jesus did not believe that or think that for me. In my lowest and lowest and again lowest time. God knowing and unknowingly to me lifted me up and sustained me. Relationships with my family especially my daughters have been miraculously restored by Jesus. Jesus came into my life and I heard Him in my heart and through His word He began to tell me who I really was. His, beautiful, chosen, loved, forgiven and full of purpose given by the Creator of all that is. God led me to this ministry and taught me how to live as a sober productive Christian. God has blanketed me with His faithfulness and I am now a staff member here at Loving Hands Ministry. Jesus Christ can do the impossible.

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