I want through so much. In and out of foster care, alcoholic mom who her boyfriend beat her up and dropped off at the hospital and she died. I spit in my dad's face when I was 15 and left home. I went off to be a man, or at least that was my thinking. I began to use drugs and party which led to an out of control lifestyle. By the time I was 32 I had stole a car, pulled a knife on an off duty cop, robbed a gentleman at an ATM, and much more. But on my way to prison I met my best friend Don Bolton who was ministering at the jail. He told me he wouldn't let me make another mistake. He believed in me when no one else did. He told me about Loving Hands Ministries. I surrendered my life and began to tear off the labels of belief that I was always going to be and addict, criminal, and everything else the world said I was. Now I am married to a beautiful woman Christie. I have a passport, I now work for the Ministry that saved my soul from myself. I became the intake director and never knew how much God had in store for me. I am a father to my son. I am a work in progress but now I know what making progress means. God is Good and I am grateful.

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