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My name is Joseph Lagana. I was Born and raised in Bradenton Fl. I was raised going to church, tragically my father passed away and my upbringing was very stressful. I looked up to the wrong people, using drugs, fighting, getting in trouble and living a street life. I had no sense of direction when I was getting older and I was able to achieve some accomplishments, But I was brought down by my own dysfunctional tendencies. At 26 my life was a disaster and I was a broken person and sick and tired of trying. I asked God if he could help me then I would serve Him for the rest of my life. By His grace I came to Loving Hands to change. Hope was restored back in my life and I began to have joy. Doing the right thing never felt better and I'm working to become the man of God he created me to be. I'm on fire for the Lord and my heart is for this generation.

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