My name is Dustin Greeley. I went from being a student with perfect attendance from 4th-12th grade, Eagle scout, and even drumming for a large worship team to addiction because Jesus wasn't the center of my life. I joined the Army at 20 years old began drinking and continued that lifestyle after I got medically discharged. Eventually I used drugs due to hanging around the party scene and eventually was hooked on crack and I was an I.V. heroine user. God delivered me from a life of panhandling, homelessness, eating from dumpsters, overdoses, and incarcerations. I'm now a staff member at Loving Hands and I'm walking out the calling God has on my life by pouring in to the men of the program and finding my identity in Christ.  I have 4.5 years clean because of Gods grace and I couldn't be more joyful serving the Lord. He saved my life and now I get to make my life about Him and others.

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