In every sense of the word I can truly say, if it weren’t for God’s loving hands extended through Pastor Wendell Wilson and his amazing bride Nancy, along with the entire Wilson family, I would not be alive today! Through divine intervention God rescued me when I was 18 years old from manatee county jail, while I was looking at life in prison for armed robbery. It was there, that I met Pastor Wendell Wilson and his wife Nancy. I learned of Loving Hands Ministries and realized this is what I needed, more than anything else in life. After sitting in jail for 4 1/2 months the court awarded me the opportunity to go to loving Hands Ministries instead of 15 years in prison, with five years probation. Provided I completed Loving Hands Ministries and did not violate probation, I would not have to do 15 years in prison. The process of going through loving hands ministries as a resident, staff training and then on to staff, was a total of five years. During which time I can say without a doubt there where days that the 15 year prison sentence looked better than going through Loving hands. However, Pastor Wendell would say, the only way though it, is to go through it bud, trust the process. How grateful, today I am for his wisdom guiding me then. Thankfully, I was excepted into Loving hands ministries. Which would alter the course of my life forever. My journey with God and Loving Hands has been a lifelong journey, a place of recovery, stability, remembrance, strength and family! Although the road hasn’t been perfect, as I’ve made my fair share of bad choices along the way, but one thing I hold true to, is who I belong to & Jesus is Lord of my life and family, All praise be to God, through him we have the victory! I am forever grateful and appreciative of Ms. Kim Dodson, my mother-in-law, who is the most loving & gracious woman on the planet. I am so grateful for the life God has afforded me through his grace, I am so blessed to be a husband, a father of eight amazing children & a productive citizen in my community.

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