From a Young age I was introduced to drugs, Not so much from my family but I desired to live a lifestyle of partying. It really stemmed from not having my father in my life. At the age of eleven I would hang out with the older kids and get high. My choices caused so much pain in my life and my family's life as well. I burned just about every bridge and relationship that I had in my life. In and out of jail and institutions, even ended up in prison twice. For the longest time that was the only reality I had. I had determined that I would spend the rest of my life in jail. I never really understood what it meant when the church would say God loved me and I ran from God because of the that. I really didn't have a will to live and I remember having my daughter after getting out of prison the first time and actually feeling like there was some hope in my life. Than I got home from the hospital and the state took her because they had found opiates in her stool system. It crushed me and I really was trying to just waste away from using drugs. Addicted to fentanyl it was bound to happen, But God kept me. I am here because at my lowest point the Lord met me, even my own mother had told me she could do nothing more for me and she was the last person I had standing by me. It was painful, but the best decision my mom ever made for me. That decision caused me to cry out to God and he showed up. I was introduced to some men from a church who helped me and encouraged me to come to Loving Hands Ministries. I graduated Loving Hands January 7th 2021 and am not a staff member. My life has been transformed and I now find my identity in Christ Jesus. I have a relationship with my Father now after 30 years. I wrote him around fathers day of last year and he said not a day hadn't went by that he had not thought about me, but because I was in jail and institutions he could not find me. So God has transformed my life and I am so looking forward to the small role that I have in the massiveness of the Kingdom of God. Thank you for your support and God Bless.

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